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Barbara L. Bigelow and Richard H. Smith, published in Sitnews, October 17, 2022

My spouse (Richard H. Smith) and I write this letter of dedicated support for House Representative Dan Ortiz. Dan has been serving the communities in his district for several years and is what we call a seasoned leader. Others desire to serve, but we choose to put our vote where one leader stands out among others and has an extraordinarily strong record of commitment to the overall best interests of his constituency.

Dan has an incredible record of keeping the communities he represents informed on the issues facing the State Legislature. Dan writes regularly to the different media outlets, makes himself regularly available for community town halls, and reports on a regular basis to municipal government bodies.

I am personally aware of many instances where Dan's constituents from all walks of life and political outlooks have reached out to his office in hopes of receiving advocacy for a particular issue or concern. This was true for Barbara too when Dan co- sponsored HB308, an act relating to dementia and healthcare.

Effective advocacy and knowledge of legislation that support our local communities and their economies is so important. Such as standing up for the fishing, tourism, and timber industries. Especially important to island communities is the Alaska Marine Highway System (AMHS) including funding and for the specific issue of making sure our Ferry System resumed regular scheduled service to Prince Rupert, where so many Alaskans dock with their vehicles for intercontinental travel.

As a non-partisan, fiscally conservative Representative, Dan has positioned himself well to provide effective leadership that serves the diverse views and needs of our communities. Dan will listen to all points of view and is steadfast in his commitments to vote in the best interests for all in District 1.

Please join us in voting affirmatively for an honest, hardworking political leader who possesses and demonstrates an open, friendly presence. Dan is always approachable and always listens to all sides before voting on a particular issue.


Barbara L Bigelow and Richard H. Smith

Herring Bay, Ketchikan, Alaska

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