Vote Ortiz

Mike Cruise, published in Ketchikan Daily News, October 16, 2018

Alaska's politics are as diverse and dynamic as Alaska's weather, at times as rough and cold as her mountains and glaciers.

Situations change, simple issues become major stumbling blocks. Old issues and entanglements are always at work, and they twist and confuse and bewilder the inexperienced candidate. The ability to create new solutions and to work with or in spite of past differences or alliances requires a cool head and strong heart. Our elected representative needs to understand the players, the situations and histories that shape and define Alaska's political environment. Most of all, our state representative needs the experience and the skills to stay the course, to make the tough decisions -- to do the best they can for the folks they are elected to serve.

Rep. Dan Ortiz is dedicated to the citizens of our district and the entire state of Alaska. He has that old fashion, hard-work ethic and has demonstrated repeatedly the ability to see the job through, from start to finish.

The choice in November is clear. Re-elect Dan Ortiz to Alaska House District 36.