Vote for Oritz

Erin and Heather Muench, published in Ketchikan Daily News, October 20, 2018

We support Dan Ortiz for reelection to the state House because he is independent and not the puppet of big-shot leaders of either party. That leaves him able to support legislation that is best for Ketchikan and for Alaska.

He had a long history of service to the community before entering politics, and has done a good job of supporting Gov. Walker's efforts to get Alaska back to a strong financial position. His opponent, on the other hand, seems to have no idea how to do that and has made statements parroting the most conservative Republican positions, does not support strong public schools, and thinks that a broad-based state revenue structure would simply (in his own words) "grow government." That apparently means he would leave vital state services like highway maintenance, state troopers and fish and game management understaffed.

Unlike his opponent, Dan reaches out and listens to the people he represents. We will be pleased to vote to reelect him.