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Jim and Mary Lynn Dahl, published in Sitnews, October 17, 2022

The upcoming Alaska state election will be critical to the future of our state. As retired financial planners with 25 and 43 years in Ketchikan, we have always taken a broad and long-term view of how to solve problems and plan for a prosperous future. It is for this reason that we will vote for Dan Ortiz for District 1, Alaska State House this coming November.

Dan brings the experience in office that is necessary to get the work done, and most importantly, the integrity to put the interests of the people of Alaska first. As an independent, he can and will work across party lines in order to achieve the maximum benefits for the greatest number of Alaskans.

In times as divisive as the present, we understand that in order to get the work of governing this state done, we need a representative who will listen to our opinions and seek consensus among his elected peers, on our behalf, rather than sticking to a party line and achieving little or nothing.

This election comes at a critical juncture in our state, and a lot is at stake. Not only our economy and livelihoods, but also our long-term democratic process of electing representatives who see the bigger picture and are accountable to the voters, not just to a party.

Dan Ortiz is the man for this job and we hope you will join us in voting for him this coming November.

Jim Dahl/Mary Lynne Dahl

Ward Cove, Alaska

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