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3204 S. Tongass Hwy. Ketchikan, AK 99901, USA

Visitor Industry

Our Visitor Industry is growing, and our laws need to keep up with our ever changing economy. If re-elected, I will continue to pass legislation and budgets that reflect my support of our visitor industry.

I was excited to sponsor and pass legislation allowing the Ketchikan Chamber to obtain a race classic gaming permit for Race to Alaska. We will be the Nenana Ice Classic equivalent of Southern Southeast!

I also helped secure an additional $3 million for tourism marketing funding. We need to be able to market ourselves to the world in order to get engaged and excited visitors.

Lastly, I sponsored a bill allowing locally-owned ATMs to collect fair international fees. Currently, those owners cannot receive fees from the thousands of international tourists that come through our district each year. The bill is simply updating a gap in law and was passed unanimously in the House. If re-elected, I hope to continue working on this bill and passing it through both the House and the Senate.