Issues and Results

Elected into office November 2014, Alaska District 36 House Representative Dan Ortiz respects the will of the voters, remaining steadfast and true to all of his campaign promises.

Throughout the previous term, Dan listened, and continues to listen, to the concerns brought to him by his fellow District 36 citizens. He has addressed several pressing issues; not only does he think long and hard on what would be best for his people, he is also willing to actively stand up for the needs of District 36. His accomplishments span multiple issues, including:

  • working in cooperation with Hyder residents and Senator Lisa Murkowski to solve the Hyder-British Columbia border issue;

  • working closely with independent Governor Walker to secure $96 million in remaining Ketchikan Gateway Borough Airport access monies, despite the fact that those funds had been tied up for over 25 years;

  • successfully securing Cruise Ship Passenger Vessel taxes for the first seven Alaskan coastal ports of call and therefore, restoring $4 million in funding for the community of Ketchikan, after those taxes had been withdrawn by Senate Co-Finance Chair anna McKinnon;

  • overcoming proposed cuts to the Alaska Pioneer Home program and to the senior income assistance program;

  • co-sponsoring a constitutional amendment to limit legislative sessions to 90 days with the intent of keeping government officials on-time and on-budget;

  • working within a bi-partisan majority coalition in the House to pass a reduction in oil industry tax credits, as well as a reduction in net operating loss credits.

Fiscally conservative and results oriented, Dan Ortiz understands the local economy and the important, but limited, role government can play in facilitating business and commerce. Dan is a man with a plan to keep District 36 vital and prosperous while increasing opportunities for the people of the region and the State as whole. Contact Dan to learn more about how he is working for you.