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Franklin H. James Sr. & family, published in Ketchikan Daily News, October 6, 2022

Who will you support to properly represent you, your people, your state, and country.


During a meeting in Ketchikan, I asked a candidate a few questions. If elected, who will you support when voting? Would you vote what is best for the people, state  and country, or will you be a puppet, and have your party chairman or president tell you how to vote? I expressed to this person, I have been voting for 64 years, and I always try to vote for the person who would best represent the people, state and country.


This person could not give me an answer to my questions.


As a tribal citizen, I believe that Dan Ortiz is the best choice for the District 1 State House. Dan grew up in Ketchikan and has made his life with his family in southern Southeast Alaska. In eight years in office, Dan has been a staunch advocate of the Native community, working to support Sm’algyx, Haida and Tlingit language revitalization efforts through successful legislation that protects Alaska Native languages, officially recognizes tribes, and facilitates the creation of State-Tribal compact schools. He has worked to fund capital budget increases for critical projects in Wrangell and Metlakatla, and partnered with tribes to protect Alaska’s transboundary rivers and the subsistence salmon harvests from Canadian mining.


Dan Ortiz puts Alaskans first — and if reelected, I’m confident that he will continue to advocate for the interest of the Tsimshian Haida and Tlingit people.


That’s why I and my family are supporting Dan Ortiz for State House in District 1 on Nov. 8, and I encourage you to do the same. Please give your support.

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