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Eric Muench, published in Ketchikan Daily News, October 26, 2022

I want to see the best representation for all of Ketchikan at the Legislature in Juneau, as well as for all of Alaska in the U.S. Congress.

Dan Ortiz has provided that in Juneau for several years and has built up seniority and the respect of his colleagues. As an independent, he does not follow the dictates of any party bosses so when he gets input from constituents or considers what is best for Ketchikan, he does not have to run it by any party hierarchy. He listens to all of us, and we need his experience in Juneau.

Mary Peltola can provide that sort of representation in Washington. With experience and ties to rural Alaska, resources and fisheries and long association with the late Don Young and his Alaska-first policies, she is the ideal person to take on that post, and will represent all of Alaska better than any Anchorage/Railbelt politician.

Most importantly, both of these are candidates who believe in preserving freedom and privacy and will prevent right-wing conservatives from imposing their religious dictates on the bodies and personal choices of women, as well as men.

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