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Austin Otos, published in SitNews, November 5, 2022

I’m writing to express my full support for re-electing Rep. Dan Ortiz as District 1’s Representative to the Alaska State House of Representatives. It’s simply in the best interest of the community of Ketchikan and all the communities of District 1 that Rep. Ortiz is re-elected.

Over the last eight years of Dan’s dedicated service as our District Representative, he has built up both his seniority and influence within the Alaska Legislature. He has served the past four years as Vice Chair of the powerful House Finance committee and has a very good chance of becoming Co-Chair of House Finance if he is re-elected. He has established strong relationships with Representatives and Senators of both parties and works particularly well with our Republican Senator Bert Stedman, who has held a Co-Chair of Finance position for the past 6 years in the Alaska Senate. Dan’s voting record matches Senator’s Stedman’s at a 99% rate, the communities and the voters of District 1 have invested 8 years in Dan’s service by electing him four times, we need to continue to benefitting from that investment. I urge the voters of


District 1 to vote to re-elect Dan. It’s clearly in our best interest that we do so.

These are my personal views and not the views of the Ketchikan Gateway Borough Assembly of which I am a member.

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