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Supporting our Native Culture, History, and People

I have been a staunch advocate of the Native community, working to support Sm’algyx, Haida, and Tlingit language and culture revitalization efforts. This past session, I passed HCR19, which recognizes a linguistic emergency and loss of culture. More importantly, the legislation helps to protect and preserve our 20 Alaska Native Languages. Thank you to the Alaska Native Language Preservation and Advisory Council for their guidance, knowledge, and support on this issue.

I have also worked hard to support ALL areas in my district - including our smaller communities - through capital project funding. In Hydaburg, I was able to secure increased funding for a small boat harbor repair project and a new boiler system. I have been able to advocate successfully for Wrangell and Metlakatla during capital budget discussions.

Lastly, I have also worked with individuals and tribes to learn of the importance of protecting our transboundary waters. I have written letters and worked co-cooperatively with the Walker Administration and our congressional delegation, especially Senator Murkowski, on protecting our waters from potentially disastrous Canadian mines. I will continue fighting for financial assurances, water quality testing, and proper management of Canadian mines so that downstream waters remain pure and our way of life remains in tact.