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Angela Salazar, published on Sitnews, November 3, 2022

As a small business owner, I have always been hesitant to publicly support specific candidates for fear of alienating my customers and/or potential backlash from those who may get elected that I didn’t support. I am not sure why I am deciding to now as there has never been a more polarizing political environment that I can remember, however I feel called to share my perspective, nonetheless.

I am a registered Independent. I have historically voted mostly Republican. However, I have never voted for someone based on their party affiliation and have always chosen the candidate that lines up with my personal and communal values. Sometimes there is a candidate that provides more potential personal benefits but if the communal detriment is greater, I will put aside what is best for me and support my community. I am so disheartened by the extremes and the hypocrisy of the far left and right and the decision making to benefit a party rather than the greater good and those he/she is elected to serve.

This year I am voting for candidates that I believe are not afraid to make tough decisions. That I believe will put ALL of Alaskans first and not just those who supported him/her. I want someone in office that is there to do the job not just to try and keep the job as Governor Walker so eloquently has said. It is important to me that the candidate can work across the aisle if it means accomplishing more for our community and state. Alaska is in a fiscal crisis, and we need people that are willing to plan for the long term, which may mean making difficult decisions now so that Ketchikan and Alaska is a place that our children and grandchildren can provide for and raise their families someday too. We need politicians that will communicate with all of their constituents and that are approachable and willing to listen even to those they disagree with and not hide from confrontation. We all need to be held accountable and a good leader should want to be. You’d be amazed at what you can learn from those who are different from you if you actually listen.

It is for these reasons and many more that I will be voting for Senator Lisa Murkowski, Representative Mary Peltola, Governor Bill Walker & Heidi Drygas, Senator Bert Stedman and Representative Dan Ortiz.


I have the utmost appreciation for anyone who chooses to run as I’m quite certain it is one of the most thankless and difficult jobs. I hope you too will consider what your values are and vote for who you think is the best person no matter their party affiliation. But most importantly, I hope you get out and VOTE! It is a privilege!

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