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Improving Transportation for Southeast Alaska

The Alaska Marine Highway System is Southeast Alaska’s primary transportation infrastructure. Over the past year, thanks to the work of our federal delegation, specifically Senator Murkowski, Alaska received a significant influx of money being used to bolster our Marine Highway System.


As the Chair of the Finance Subcommittee for the Department of Transportation, I had a direct hand in ensuring the funds we received from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law would be used in a manner that supports operations for the next five years, with continued support from the state coffers, as well as alleviating the use of receipts earned so those can accumulate and be used again someday as a reliable funding source for the system.


I’ve been outspoken about the need for the Marine Highway System to continue service between Ketchikan and Prince Rupert. This connection is operational this year, but we still need better service levels between these two ports for folks in Southern Southeast. 


Our work continues. We have an aging fleet to modernize and crew to retain if we wish to see long-term success in this system. I will continue fiercely advocating for the Alaska Marine Highway System if re-elected.

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