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Caryl Williams, published on Ketchikan Daily News, November 1, 2022

Please join me in supporting Dan Ortiz on Nov. 8 for House District 1.

Dan has served in the House of Representatives for eight years. He has built a consensus among his peers; he has achieved respect and seniority; and, he has held very important positions, such as vice chair of the House Finance Committee, House Fisheries Committee and House Tribal Affairs Committee. Dan has also been very influential in supporting the Alaska Marine Highway System, which is our essential road system in Southeast Alaska.

It is a big challenge for Southeast representatives to be appointed to any committee work. It takes consensus, which Dan has proven his voice is heard, with results for District 1. His mannerism is very influential.

Please get out to vote State Representative District 1. First Choice: Ortiz, Daniel H. “Dan” (Nonpartisan).

Dan has worked very hard to earn our vote. He is a representative for all Alaskans.




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